New Unit in Manufacturing

Brian and the crew are busy building a new unit for some lucky camper. We are learning and perfecting the manufacturing process all the time. We are definitely ready to get some of these beautiful outdoor recreation trailers behind the cars of people who like to get out and have fun. Carla – I thinkContinue reading “New Unit in Manufacturing”

The Fiery Tree of Creativity

Well, whatever. We needed a logo. As these things go, we had no shortage of ideas. Many of them were good. But eventually you need to latch on to something and go with it. And this version seemed to be popular. We are hopeful it becomes synonymous with our mission of producing exceptional, functional, fun,Continue reading “The Fiery Tree of Creativity”

The 4th garage and the coming of Pixie

We decided to build the next prototype in Brian’s garage in Monticello, IL. Brian has two daughters and a life, and I have no daughters and no-life, so it made sense to home base there.  We first tried to use aluminum square tube with plastic couplings, but we soon found out this was simply notContinue reading “The 4th garage and the coming of Pixie”

The origins of earthexplore

In the fall of 2016, I had only recently returned to the midwest after living and traveling all over the world. But I had most recently lived in Idaho, where camping is a full-on, expansive and amazing experience. I wanted to refamiliarize myself with camping in the midwest and so started searching for a modestContinue reading “The origins of earthexplore”