Outdoor Showers

There are a wide range of outdoor showers available on the market. In keeping with earth-explore general philosophy of simplicity, we like Ivation’s like of products. They are super easy to use and the basic unit costs about $50.

The Ivation outdoor shower is simple and easy to use

Just fill a bucket with warm water, drop the pump into the bucket, hang the shower-head and you are ready to go. It is easy to heat hot water on your camp cooker, or just leave a bucket out all day in the hot sun. You can get this unit at a number of outdoor retailers, but the link their site is here.

There are certainly a host of other outdoors showers from simple and easy to use, to more costly and reliable for long-term seriously off the grid camping.

If you want a little privacy, Lowe’s sells a very affordable ($35) easy-up, easy-down collapsible outdoor shower space. This tent can be found here: